Monday, 15 May 2017


Stags Fans United are delighted that the club has offered an early bird season ticket. This was the number one suggestion we made to club when we were asked for our thoughts in April, ahead of any draft season ticket prices.

The early bird prices represent excellent value.

The overall pricing of season tickets is fair and reasonable in our opinion.

We asked the club to look after kids and families by having cheap junior and family matchday tickets. However the matchday prices for kids are still too high in our opinion based on consistent feedback from fans. Kids do not tend to plan ahead to buy tickets and need to be encouraged to attend on a matchday. The cheapest matchday walk up price for a school kid is £14 which we think is far too much.
There were two other areas with regard to individual match tickets that we highlighted to the club in April, which came up from the consultation with fans in 2015 and that had not yet been incorporated. These were
-        - Try and keep the adult price around £20. The matchday price for Ian Greaves Upper tier has risen to £24.
-        - Keep match day prices the same as tickets purchased earlier. The consistent feedback from fans was to remove the difference between advance prices and matchday prices, but the difference still remains.

However the fans recognise that if John Radford is providing Steve Evans with a competitive budget for “Project Promotion” then this may need to be partly financed by an increase in matchday ticket prices for adults.