Thursday, 10 March 2011

Steve Yemm signs upto Stags Fans United.

The SFU had the pleasure of stags fans candidate for Mayor Steve and his with Julie at our Match with Newport, funded by “Blastline” to ensure all the SFU’s funds go into the “Free Field Mill” campaign.

Stags Fans United as a society are completely none political, but of course welcome all Stags fans, and all the support we can get in the ongoing fight to get Field Mill into the hands of the fans once and for all.

“Steve and Julie really had a great time, with Steve that impressed by the afternoon that he joined Stags Fans United on the day, promising to make more time available for football in the future. On the issue of Free Field Mill Steve later made a statement that he is fully in support of our campaign and John’s efforts to recover the ground, and deal with the disputed monies that are being claimed from Keith Halsam for his activities while owner of Mansfield Town.

Pictured are Darren Bland and Saffron Naylor (SFU and Blastline) with Steve and Julie Yemm presenting the Stags Fans United sponsored Match Ball, and Chris Revill (Pleasley Stags and the SFU) with Steve and Julie presenting Adam Murray with the Stags Fans United Man of the Match award. Steve was presented with the signed ball to take away after the game to be used in a suitable charity fund raising event by “Blastline”.

We would like to stress that the SFU welcomes all politicians local or national that support Mansfield Town Football Club and its fans.