Monday, 13 September 2010

SFU Statement Sale Of Mansfield Town 2010

Stags Fans United (the Mansfield Town Supporters Trust) would like to thank Andy Saunders, Steve Hymas and Steve Middleton for being open and honest about the future financing of Mansfield Town Football Club. As genuine Stags supporters, it must have been a very hard decision for them to put the club up for sale especially as they have all worked so hard since they took over the running of the football club in July 2008. Colin Dobell, the Stags Fans United Non-Executive Director, has been working closely with the other directors for the last few months to help them understand the current financial situation and to advise them on possible solutions including a possible sale of the football club. Stags Fans United have been very concerned for some time about the large losses at the football club, as reported in the club's accounts, as it is clear that no football club can continue to operate on this basis unless they have a wealthy benefactor.

Stags Fans United would now urge all Stags’ supporters to come to Field Mill for the next two home games against York City on Tuesday 21st September and against Eastbourne on Saturday 25th September. It is important that Stags fans demonstrate to any potential new owners that we are passionate about our club and that we are prepared to help any new owners secure the long term future of Mansfield Town. Stags Fans United are currently looking to raise £12,000 to purchase further shares in the football club which would take the total amount raised by the Supporters Trust for shares to £100,000. We are prepared to try and raise a larger amount if it is necessary to keep our club alive. We are also willing to raise money to investigate a possible legal challenge to the alleged illegal dividend paid to former owners, Stags Limited which was used by that company to purchase Field Mill. It is important at times like these that all Stags fans stick together and to try and ensure that any decisions made are made in the best interests of the football club.

If any Stags fan would like to make a donation to help the Supporters Trust then they should send a cheque to Stags Fans United, 4 Yew Tree Close, Gamston, Retford, Notts, DN22 0PZ. Cheques should be made payable to "Stags Fans United Society Limited".

Darren Shaw
Acting Chairman
Stags Fans United Society Limited