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The accounts for the year ended 31st December 2019 have been filed at Companies House.

The football club changed its year end to 31st December in 2017 so the last full accounts the club presented to an AGM were for the six month period from 1st August 2017 to 31st December 2017.

The current accounts are for the year ended 31st December 2019 and cover the second half of the 2018-2019 season when the Stags finished 4th under David Flitcroft and the first half of the 2019-2020 season under John Dempster and Graham Coughlan when the Stags eventually finished a very disappointing 21st.

The headlines appear to be that the football club made a loss of £50,904 in 2019 compared to a loss of £116,281 for 2018. This small loss was mainly achieved by the sponsorship received from One Call and associated companies which increased by around £1.5 million from £1,113,333 in 2018 to £2,627,499. This is why JR says it is important that the stadium is referred to as the One Call Stadium wherever possible.

Turnover increased by £1.38 million from £4,324,339 to £5,706,953. 

Match Day Income was fairly similar. It was £1,268,368 compared to £1,292,869 in 2018, a fall of £24,501. The total number of supporters through the gates increased by 13.7% from 2017-2018 to 2018-2019.

Football and Media Income (which includes the EFL Distributions and Premier League Solidarity Payments) was also similar. It was £1,357,226 compared to £1,330,406 in 2018.

The big change was in Commercial Income which increased to £3,081,359 from £1,701,063 assisted by the £1.5 million increase in sponsorship money from One Call and JR's associated companies.

Total Wages and Salaries increased to £5,083,199 in 2019 from £4,456,034 in 2018. They were estimated at £3,200,441 in 2017 based on the 6 month accounts and were stated as being £1,884,446 in 2016-2017.

The number of playing staff was 26. There was a big increase in non playing staff from 11 to 63.

Staff charged to associated companies were 185 compared to 208 in 2018.

No directors received any remuneration.

Player Registrations (Transfer Fees) were £293,750. It's possible that some of these transfer fees could be deferred transfer fees for players signed in 2018.

Players signed in 2018 were:
Craig Davies
Otis Khan
Matt Preston

Players signed in 2019 were:
Ryan Sweeney
Willem Tomlinson
Ben Turner
Andy Cook
Kellan Gordon
Nicky Maynard

Player Disposals were £100,000 (deferred transfer fee for Lee Angol?)

The loans owed to One Call and other associated companies were £4,542,361 which increased by around £100,000 from 2018.

Other creditors amounted to £660,419. This includes around £465,546 owed to Andy Saunders. The last figure given for this loan was in the 2010 accounts.

RSCPBR (Ultimate Parent Company)
The ultimate parent company of Mansfield Town is now RSCPBR Limited which operates a diverse range of businesses including:
- the football club
- a claims handling company
- vehicle credit hire
- vehicle recovery and rescue services
- vehicle damage repair
- solar energy

It looks like JR has separated these businesses from One Call Insurance.

The sole director of RSCPBR is John Radford and he is the sole shareholder

MANSFIELD 1861 LIMITED (Immediate Parent Company)
RSCPBR Limited own all the 100 issued shares in Mansfield 1861 Limited (formerly known as Amber 12 Limited). The directors of Mansfield 1861 Limited are John Radford, Carolyn Radford, Paul Broughton and Tina Broughton.

Mansfield 1861 Limited own the majority shareholding in Mansfield Town Limited and the directors are John Radford, Carolyn Radford, David Sharpe, Paul Broughton, Steve Hymas and Mark Burton

Mansfield Town paid £44,290 rent to Mansfield Town 1861 Limited during 2018. Mansfield Town 1861 Limited repaid £110,390 to Mansfield Town and owed £210,817 to the football club at the end of the year.

Recharges of £816,482 were made by Mansfield 1861 Limited to the football club in respect of goods bought and services provided on its behalf.

Recharges of £1,034,210 (2018: £1,245,127) were made to Mansfield 1861 Limited and other related companies in respect of wages.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019



The football club had changed its year end to 31st December so the club presented accounts for the six month period from 1st August 2017 to 31st December 2017. These accounts covered the first half of the 2017-2018 season which was the start of Steve Evans’ first full season in charge. Steve Evans ended up leaving in February 2018 when the Stags were 5th and just two points off the automatic promotion places. The Stags eventually finished 8th with David Flitcroft in charge after only winning two of the last twelve games.

Jim Beachill, the Finance Director, had stated at the AGM in August 2017 that: “The current season will see a major investment through John Radford and his group of companies, in the form of increased sponsorship and equity injection. An investment of £2.5m has been injected into the club for 2017-18 and may increase further, it was confirmed. There is a big determination by John and Steve Evans to achieve promotion this season. The determination John is showing is incredible. This football club is at his heart, he's been a supporter since his childhood. I know one of his main ambitions in life is to take this club to the Championship. He wants to take it as far as he can, without being daft."

The fact that the accounts only covered a 6 month period made it difficult to compare the accounts with previous accounts which covered a whole season. However it was clear that Player Wages and Travelling Costs had significantly increased. We have attempted to carry out a comparison. The figures stated are based on an assumption that the income and expenditure will be the same in the next 6 months from 1st January 2018 to 30th June. We have therefore just doubled the figures referred to in the accounts to give a figure for 12 months unless stated otherwise. This is not ideal but it gives us a rough idea of possible income and expenditure for the season. The figures in brackets are the figures taken from the accounts for the 6 month period ended 31st December 2017. We will only be able to check the figures when we see the detailed profit and loss account for the year ended 31st December 2018.

The main issues revealed by the accounts were as follows:

The football club made a loss of £265,570 (£132,785) compared to a small profit of £6,403 in 2016-2017 and small losses of £10,077 and £74,510 in the two previous seasons.

Turnover (Income) increased from £2,619,535 to £4,340,254 (£2,170,127). Administrative Expenses also increased from £2,318,644 to £4,149,610 (£2,074,805).

Money received from the Football League, Premier League and the Media increased from £1,025,245 to £1,362,414 (£681,212).

Attendances had risen from an average of 3,439 in 2015-2016 to 3,774 in 2016-2017 and then 4,757 in 2017-2018.

Overall Expenditure increased from £2,290,847 to £4,133,135 (£2,066,567). The largest item of expenditure is always wages paid to staff and these increased from £1,884,466 to £3,200,441 (£1,600,221).

Matchday Expenses increased for the first time for a couple of seasons from £269,247 to £442,464 (£221,232).

Agents fees and expenses increased significantly from £10,324 to £117,380 (£58,690). Medical Expenses increased from £68,724 to £117, 006 (£58,503). The FA Report on agents' fees stated Mansfield Town spent £85,940 on Agents' fees from 1st February 2017 to 31st January 2018 and £77,932 on Agents' fees from 1st February 2018 to 31st January 2019 which was the 3rd highest after Northampton Town (£92,125) and MK Dons (£80,263).

Rent and Rates increased slightly from £58,940 to £69,301 (£34,651). Insurance costs were similar at around £22,377 assuming no further insurance payments were made. Cleaning Costs fell significantly from £18,475 to £4,362 (£2,681). Repairs and Renewals were stated at £66,378 for 6 months.

Travelling Costs increased massively from £7,999 to £234,919 (£117,457) as the Stags had overnight stays for most of their away games. This figure may also include the cost of the pre-season trip to Malta. Motor Expenses seemed to reduce from £44,885 to £24,542 (£12,271).

Light and Heating costs were extremely low again and went down to £26 (£13) from £231.

Bank Charges were £8,238 for the six month period. Legal and professional costs were £4,089.

Entertainment Expenses were reduced to zero from £391.

Computer Costs were £3,218 for the 6 month period. Telephone Costs were £5,379.  Post and stationery was £2,516.

Payments to the Elite Player Performance Fund increased from £25,000 to £52,000.

Trade Debtors falling due within 1 year increased from £109,388 to £265,955. Other debtors amounted to £107,310. Tax and social security owed increased from £107,701 to £223,875.

The average number of employees was 38.

The accounts again did not give full details of the long term loans as in the previous accounts. Long term loans fell from £4,955,794 to £4,934,139.

Around £709,354 is still owed to Andy Saunders so the balance of £4,200,000 will be owed to One Call Insurance Services Limited and other companies controlled by John Radford. These loans are interest free and repayable on no specific terms.

Called up share capital increased by £35,000 from £1,382,957 to £1,417,957.

There was one payment left of £214,285 to be made to Keith Haslam for Field Mill (One Call Stadium) which was due in March 2019.

John Radford said: “These accounts are not a bad set of results and it does seem like we are making progress.”

Thanks to John Radford and Jim Beachill, the Finance Director for their hard work in bringing the accounts up to date and for their commitment to be transparent about the club’s finances and to keep the fans fully informed. This is very much appreciated by the fans.


Cost of Mansfield Town promotion push so far revealed at AGM, by John Lomas, published Thursday 15 November 2018

Mansfield Town’s promotion push, starting with the ‘Steve Evans Revolution’, over the past two years has inevitably come at a cost. But club chairman John Radford and CEO Carolyn Radford were happy with the figures released at the club’s annual meeting today and, with crowds and income on the up, all pointed to a bright future for the Stags.

Having made a loss of £10,077 the year before, the club’s finances to June 30th 2017 even showed the promised profit from last year’s AGM - the first for many years - with a surplus of £6,403.

However, the Radford ultimately want to bring the club in line with the rest of John Radford’s One Call group of companies, and eventually bring it within the group to give it more strength, so for the first time produced extra figures for the six months ended 31st December 2017. They showed how wages, travel costs and agents fees had shot up under previous manager Evans when he was given his war chest to help the club chase promotion.

So by the turn of the year on 31st December 2017 that small profit had turned into a £132,785 loss.

Wages for the year ended 30th June 2017 were £1,884,446 (up £420,000 from the year before), but just for the following six months were £1,600,221 – a rise of 68 per cent over a whole year’s period compared with 29 per cent the year before.

Agents fees for the 12 months ending 30th June 2017 were £10,324 but the next six months alone saw them total £58,690.

Travel costs for the 12 months ending 30th June 2017 were £7,999 but the next six months saw them total £117,457 as boss Evans began to plan overnight stays before almost every away game to have players better prepared.

New boss David Flitcroft has continued that and the Stags are now on a club record 12 away games unbeaten.

The good news was that attendances had increased and other income shot up with the club turnover totalling £2,619,535 over the 12 months ending 30th June and over the next six months already bringing in almost the same with £2,170,127.

Attendances had risen from an average 3,439 in 2015/16 to 3,774 in 2016/17 and then 4,757 last season.

Another significant change in figures came in the year ended 30th June 2017 when Stags’ net current liabilities figures changed due to John Radford and directors Steve Hymas and Steve Middleton all agreeing to convert their loans into share capital. That saw share capital rise from £278,405 to £1,382,957.

Stags financial director Jim Beachill explained: “There is a big difference to the football club between loans and share capital. Loans can be recalled at a specific point in the future. But when it becomes part of the share capital it can only be repaid when the club is sold or if it goes out of business, if there are any assets left. It is a sign of the confidence of the directors in the future of the football club.

“It is growing because of the directors’ determination to get this football club where they feel it rightly belongs, which is League One. All efforts are being made for that purpose. The great thing is that attendances are rising too.”

Chairman John Radford said: “These accounts are not a bad set of results and it does seem like we are making progress.”

Tuesday, 1 October 2019


Just catching up with the analysis of the last few sets of accounts which is now a little more difficult due to the year end changing to 31st December. These were the last set of accounts which covered a whole season (2016-2017). The club then published a 6 month set of accounts from 1st July 2017 to 31st December 2017 and has recently filed the accounts at Companies House for the year ended 31st December 2018.


Finance Director, Jim Beachill, presented the accounts for the year ended 30th June 2017. This covered the 2016-2017 season where Adam Murray was replaced as manager by Steve Evans in November 2016. The Stags eventually finished 12th in League 2 under Steve Evans’ management which was the same as under Adam Murray in 2015-2016.


The main issues revealed by the accounts were as follows:

The football club made a small profit of £6,403 for the first time since the club made a profit of £302,500 in 2004. It had made a small loss of £10,077 and £74,510 in the two previous years. This was excellent news as it continued to show that the football club can be run on a sustainable basis.

Turnover (Income) increased from £2,243,164 to £2,619,535. Administrative Expenses also increased from £1,918,883 to £2,318,644.

Money received from the Football League, Premier League and the Media increased from £753,489 to £1,025,245.

Overall Expenditure increased from £1,915,957 to £2,290,847. The largest item of expenditure is always wages paid to staff and these increased from to £1,486,334 to £1,884,466.

Matchday Expenses reduced again from £288,458 to £269,247.

Agents fees and expenses remained were £10,324 which was similar to the £10,514 paid in the previous season. Medical Expenses increased from £37,621 to £68,724.

Rent and Rates fell significantly from £91,777 to £58,940. Insurance costs increased by around £4,000 to £22,434. Cleaning Costs fell from £23,547 to £18,475. Repairs and Renewals stayed similar at £82,315.

Travelling Costs fell £17,865 to £7,999. Motor Expenses increased from £33,561 to £44,885.

Light and Heating costs were extremely low at £231.

Bank Charges increased from £13,003 to £21,394. Legal and professional costs were £10,479.

Entertainment Expenses were reduced again from £5,115 to £391.

Computer Costs fell significantly from £14,216 to £2,772. The same also applied to Telephone Costs increased from £10,113 to £15,694. Post and stationery stayed around £4,000.

Trade Debtors falling due within 1 year increased from £32,883 to £109,388. Other debtors amounted to £304,672.

The average number of employees was 35.

Disappointingly the accounts did not give details of the long term loans which had fallen from £5,698,306 to £4,955,794 which was probably due to Steve Hymas converting his £452,276 loan into preference shares and Steve Middleton doing the same with his loan of £177,061. John Radford was also going to convert the same amount of his loans into preference shares as Steve Hymas. This is supported by the fact that called up share capital increased from £278,405 to £1,382,957. A confirmation statement filed in December 2018 showed that John Radford and Steve Hymas both had 452,276 preference shares. Steve Middleton had 200,000 preference shares.

Around £709,354 is still owed to Andy Saunders so the balance of £4,000,000 will be owed to One Call Insurance Services Limited and other companies controlled by John Radford. These loans are interest free and repayable on no specific terms.

There is one payment left of £214,285 to be made to Keith Haslam for Field Mill (One Call Stadium) which was due in March 2019.

Thanks to John Radford and Jim Beachill, the Finance Director for their hard work in bringing the accounts up to date and for their commitment to be transparent about the club’s finances and to keep the fans fully informed. This is very much appreciated by the fans.

Monday, 6 August 2018


An Evening with John and Carolyn Radford
1861 Suite at One Call Stadium, 7.30pm Tuesday 22 May 2018

Full video available to watch here:

Full details including quotes and transcripts here:

Monday, 23 October 2017


Stags Fans United were disappointed to read news that Mansfield District Council had rejected John Radford’s plans to build a new hotel on the site of the old bus station on Rosemary Street. This had followed John’s initial proposals for a new hotel at One Call Stadium.

As recently as September, we understand that John Radford was directly advised by Mansfield District Council that he should bid for this bus station site, and not press on with his initial plans to develop a hotel at One Call Stadium. John Radford told that “In truth, it feels like I may have been led up the garden path” by Mansfield District Council. Local MP Ben Bradley also commented that he thought Mansfield District Council had been “unwise but also immoral for them to play games” with John Radford.

John Radford most recently went on to say: “I will now carefully consider whether it is in the interests of both the Town and the football club to advance initial proposals of building a hotel at One Call Stadium.”

Stags Fans United would back John to carry on with his original plan to build a new hotel at One Call Stadium, as we think it would be a great asset.

We also think the local authority should support John Radford in his efforts to build a sustainable football league club for the benefit of the town and the local community

Thursday, 28 September 2017


Here are notes from  the Stags Fans United fans forum with John Radford, Steve Hymas, Steve Middleton and Mark Burton, held on Wednesday 6th September 2017

Notes by Darren Shaw and Pete Wright

Q - How do you think the season is going so far?

John Radford – I’m disappointed with the start to the season but it’s a lot better football and we’ve been a little unlucky missing three penalties. There’s a long way to go. There are lots of big clubs through the leagues in similar positions to us. I’m confident we have put the right team together and we have the right manager to take us forward. I would be much happier if we were top of the league because then we would have larger crowds with another 1,000-2,000 fans attending.

Q – Are you disappointed with the gates so far?

John Radford – No because I know gates will only improve when we start winning. Success attracts more fans. Lincoln had a gate of 9,000 the other day. I asked Lincoln’s Chairman why their gates had improved. He said it was all down to the Cowleys who are loved by the fans and the fact that they have been winning regularly and have had success. We just need a bit of success. If our manager does this then our fans will love him even though fans of other teams will hate him.

Q – How does the transfer process work?

John Radford – Agents and players want the best deal. It is a little bit cloak and dagger. Players are chased by a number of clubs. If you put it out in the press that you are going for a player then the price goes up. Players want to sign for a club that is going to be promoted so that is a reason why we have been able to attract players. The fact that we were one of the favourites to win the league also helped. Steve Evans told me about Calum Butcher 6/7 weeks ago but we have only been chasing him for the last four weeks because the Millwall manager changed and he was surplus to requirements. Players not on your list can suddenly become available with a change of manager at a club or because their club has signed a new player.

At the end of last season, Steve Evans gave me a list of players he wanted to sign and it had 26 names on it. The first thing I did was take a photo of it. We signed eight of the twenty six targets. He has pretty much got his ideal team. There were only two players who we talked to who we did not sign. They both went to clubs higher up the league. The last few days of the transfer window were very frantic. George Taft was lined up to go to another club until an hour before the deadline and then Cambridge came in and offered more money. George Taft needed to go out on loan because he was going to struggle to get on our bench. He needs to get regular games. He can come back to us after Christmas.

Q- What about signing strikers? All the fans were waiting for a marquee signing.

John Radford - We nearly had a “Marquis” signing (laughter). There were six strikers on the list but everybody was chasing these players. We managed to sign three of them. Our strikers have some of the best stats around. The list did not include Dave Tarpey.

Q – Were you surprised that Matt Green was allowed to leave?

John Radford – I didn’t want him to leave but Steve Evans said we could get better. We had a year’s option on him and so we could have kept him. The board wanted to keep him but the manager did not want to keep him. Football is all about opinions.

Q- You must have been a bit annoyed by not getting a transfer fee for Matt Green.

John Radford – Yes we turned down £200,000 from Leyton Orient and £50-£60,000 from another club during the season, but that’s football. If I had accepted the offer I would not have been popular. We would have been perceived as a selling club. In hindsight I would have liked to have taken the £200,000 but he still scored a few goals for us

Q- Is it true Ollie Palmer was on holiday with you?

John Radford – He happened to be staying at same hotel and I was surprised to see him when he came and used the next sun lounger to me. It turned out he had received offers from Lincoln and Cambridge and I advised him to choose Lincoln.

Q – Will we receive any more money for Sam Clucas?
John Radford – We are in arguments with Chesterfield about whether we are entitled to another fee. We had high hopes of some money from Tom Naylor’s future moves after Derby but it never materialised.

Q – Why aren’t we blooding more youth players in the first team?
John Radford – Steve Evans does not want to take the risk yet. Our manager really hurts if we lose. I’m a sore loser but he is worse than me and that causes problems between us after defeats. He really wants to win his tenth promotion. If we get miles clear at the top then we will give some of the young lads a chance. I want to get to League 1 so we have a bigger gap between ourselves and the National League. This will give us more security. Promotion to League 1 is our priority.
Steve Hymas – Our youth team is top of the league again for the third year running. I would like to see more youth team players getting a chance but I want to win promotion as well. We have 11 former youth team players on contracts with the majority on loan to gain men’s football experience. We have a great academy. It’s getting better every season. We have ten full time coaches. It is a general problem that youth team players do not always get the chance and time to develop. Managers tend to sign tried and tested players rather than take a chance on youth. There are too many foreign players in the Premier League and Football League.
John Radford – Jack Thomas is a talented player and we are just waiting to find the right club for him to send him out on loan.

Q – What are your views on the Checkatrade Trophy? Should Steve Evans play his strongest team?
John Radford – We had a nice run last season. It would be disappointing if a U23 team reached the final. Steve Evans is confident we can still progress by beating Notts County and Everton U23s. The clubs receive good prize money. We made over £100K last year. The teams receive £10,000 for every group win. Steve Evans wants to win every game.

Q – Are Monday nights “Evenings With….” coming back?
Steve Middleton – Yes they are. We are just waiting until Tuesday night games are not in the way.

Q – What are your views on the goalkeeper situation?
John Radford – We have two good keepers. It divides opinion. We are fully behind both of them. Steve Evans picks the team. He lives and dies by results. Both keepers were on Steve Evans’ target list. They were the ones he wanted to sign because he had worked with both of them before. Steve Evans did not want to sign Jake Kean. He was not on the list. They want to keep clean sheets. Our goalkeeping coach will only get paid if we keep a clean sheet! It’s early in the season but things are starting to gel.

Q – What are your views on the penalty taker?
John Radford – It should be one of the strikers. All the strikers should be able to step up to the mark and take a penalty.

Q – Are you satisfied with the new pitch?
John Radford – We have spent a lot of money on the pitch every year. We’ve brought people in to look at it. Mark Burton (a new Director) who works for Ulyetts Landscapes has been very helpful ensuring the money is well spent. He has helped sort the contracts out and get us some good prices. The grass is cut every other day and growing 6mm a day. The pitch has new drainage (Steve Middleton showed a video of the drainage working before the Rochdale game.) The directors walk around the stadium after each board meeting picking up issues and challenging the stadium management team. There are still some problems but everything is slowly getting better.

Q – There have been a number of complaints regarding queueing at turnstiles, no beer in Kevin Bird Suite on match days, delays in processing card transactions etc.
John Radford – Supporters need to provide specific details. I suggest supporters contact the fans’ representatives so they can bring the complaints to the board meetings. The directors are not always aware of the problems. The board tend to try to fix and solve most problems. If complaints are brought to a board meeting then it is on the radar. We want to make the stadium and ground are a nice place to come to. (New arrangement put in place where all fans’ complaints should go to SSA or SFU as per the post on Stagsnet and Facebook).
I do appreciate the financial support that supporters provide and the £10-£15,000 provided by members of the SSA.

Q – What’s the position with the scoreboard?
John Radford – I wish I had never bought it. It only cost £10,000 and I thought it would be a bargain. We’ve had problems with the software and other issues. I actually bought it from a man in a pub (laughter). It was sold to me by Paul Dixon who owns Retford United’s ground.  I’ve still got some more panels. I could actually make it three times the size. Paul Broughton has assured me it will be working for the Grimsby game. It is not one of my priorities.

Q – How is the training ground at Woburn Road, Pleasley progressing?
Steve Hymas – The original planning application was to remove the stone and the big hump. This has all been cleared. It took a long time. It’s not just a case of putting in a planning application and starting work the next day. These projects take years. We’ve had numerous meetings. You would not believe the amount of meetings we’ve had. There are two grass pitches up there looking very good. Two grass pitches on different levels. Mark Burton has put a lot of work into it. Mark’s staff have come in and seeded and cut the pitches and other grass areas. He’s going to top dress them. Hopefully we will have good news on a start date soon. The pavilion will take a good while to build. A road has to be built up there and street lighting. It is not an easy process.
John and I started up a company called Mansfield Town Developments Limited. We bought some land from Mansfield District Council and some from Notts County Council. The planning is through Mansfield District Council. There are lots of onerous conditions that we have had to comply with. There was originally 3-4 metres difference in levels. We have spent £15,000 on machinery sorting that out.

Q – What are the plans for the Bishop Street Stand?
John Radford – We currently do not have the crowds to justify any plans at the moment. It is one of Paul Broughton’s long term plans. We are looking to turn it into terracing with access from both ends. The depth of the steps would have to be changed. They could be refurbished.

Q – Was hosting an England U19s game a success other than the result and the floodlights?
John Radford – Well at least we found out about the problem with the floodlights. It was a moderate success. It was a good game to watch. We tried to advertise it as best we could. It was a set fee from the FA. We do not get paid based on the crowd. It is geared for children. I was proud to host it.

Q- Why don’t we have embroidered badges on the kit? Some fans complain the badge looks a bit tacky.
Steve Hymas – An embroidered badge costs a lot of money. Most kits are sublimated where the pattern is made part of the fabric. If you want the badge then it increases the cost, timescales to produce it and makes it labour intensive. Sublimated shirts can be very detailed. I like an embroidered badge but it does increase the price.
John Radford – I like this season’s shirt.

Q – Can the fans have a choice of kit during the season?
John Radford – We decided to change the home kit one season and the away kit the next to save fans money. We can produce a new kit every season if the fans want it.

Q – Why did we not play in amber shirts at Carlisle?
John Radford – I get quite annoyed when we do not play in our amber shirts away from home when there is no reason not to. It must have been the manager or the kitman’s decision.

Q – What about Mark Burton’s views on the ground and pitches etc
Mark Burton – Unfortunately we have chafer grubs on the top pitch. It comes in cycles every three to four years. We are treating it at the moment. We’ll give it a second treatment later mid to late spring. We are also laying some new turf.
The main pitch is looking good. It should do. We’ve spent a lot on it. We cut it every other day. It is growing very quickly – six mm per day. We’ve had a few moles up at Woburn.  I’m loving life on the board.

Q – Why has Andy Sutton resigned as a director
John Radford – Andy has not been well and needs to focus on sorting his health out and getting better.

Q – Why can’t we sell away fans more tickets?
John Radford – One of our ticketing systems had the wrong number of seats entered for the North Stand. It was 250 seats out. I made one of my staff go and count all the seats to check. I think the error has now been rectified. There is a difference between “Ticket Only” and “All Ticket”. “Ticket Only” means that away fans have to buy tickets beforehand but you can only sell 90% of the available tickets. Perhaps the reason is that there has to be some space to put fans if more turn up on the day. The police may prefer to let them in the ground rather than have them roaming the town. “All Ticket” means that home and away fans have to buy tickets beforehand but you can sell every seat. We want the stadium as full as possible.

Q – How long are the players’ contracts?
John Radford – Most of the players are on two year contract with the club having an option to extend it. The thinking behind that is that we are hoping to win promotion and so these players will still be with us in League 1.

Q – Why are transfer fees “undisclosed”?
John Radford – It depends upon who is involved the contract. Sometimes players and agents insist they are undisclosed if they are not happy with the value that has been placed on the player. I would happy be to disclose them. I know we have paid more than our transfer record.

Q – Have we broken our transfer record? The previous record was £125,000 for Colin Larkin although Keith Haslam said that we had paid £150,000 for Lee Peacock. Carlisle said we had only paid £90,000.
John Radford - Yes but I am not allowed to disclose who it is. I can say we have paid Peterborough at least £300,000 this year.

Q – Where are we with paying for the ground?
John Radford – There are another two payments left in March 2018 and March 2019. Hopefully we will be in The Championship when I pay my final cheque for the ground. That would be very nice.

Q – Are there plans for another pre-season trip abroad?
John Radford – I enjoyed the Malta trip. We all had a good time and it worked out fine. We are looking at other options next season. We will take the players on a packaged training camp overseas in Austria for example so we do not have to set it up ourselves. There are lots of companies who organise these trips.

Q – Your horses are not making me much money.
John Radford – Your dogs could be eating them soon (laughter). Hugo Boy is supposed to run one good race and one bad race but I’m not sure which is which.

Q – Is Carolyn enjoying being Chief Executive at the moment? She has been in the press a lot lately.
John Radford – She is enjoying life at the moment and helping to attract lots of publicity for the club. She is increasing our profile. This helps to attract players.

Q – Are we doing enough to attract kids to support Mansfield? 
John Radford – We are getting better but we could do better. We could start Little Kickers for 2-4 year olds. It’s nice to see more kids with Mansfield shirts and tops on. All kids under 7 can get into free. It has also helped with Steve Hymas setting up all the youth teams which go down into U7s.
Steve Hymas – All the youth teams had shirts and training tops. The old kits have been passed to other kids so there is around 350 kits that have been passed on and you see kids wearing them around town. The academy is not just about producing players. It is about producing a new generation of Stags fans.

Q – There has been a lot of work on the ground e.g. the dug outs, astroturf around the pitch, the top pitch, the car parks have been cleared out and tidied up etc
John Radford - We are looking at improving the ground all the time. It does not always come down to cost. Some things do not need improving straight away. The astroturf will go to the end of the Ian Greaves Stand at both ends.

Q – Any details about the hotel at the ground?
John Radford – The project manager and architect have been instructed. It is not connected to the Bishop Street. There are meetings in progress. There are a few hoops to jump through. The position of the hotel has not been decided yet. It has to be agreed with Mansfield District Council (planning) and Notts County Council (highways). There will not be much land lost if we have to build a car park. Any car park can be underground or on stilts. A lot of Hilton Hotels are franchises. They take a cut of the fees for introducing clients to you.

Darren Shaw from Stags Fans United thanked everybody for attending and particularly thanked John Radford for being very open and honest with the fans. John has attended seven or eight fans’ forums and had answered every question that had been asked even personal questions. It all helped to increase transparency and accountability at the club. He also thanked Steve Hymas, Steve Middleton, and Mark Burton for supporting the evening and making some good contributions. It was very much appreciated by the fans.

photo: John Radford (left), with Darren Shaw of SFU (centre) and Steve Middleton (right)